3D printing

3D printing


Together with Innofil3D, manufacturer of premium FDM 3D filaments, Polyscope has developed a PVA compatible ABS filament for 3D-printing: ABS Fusion+.

Our extensive knowledge of the properties and benefits of SMA enables us to develop SMA/ABS based compounds for the technical FDM market providing the same benefits, such as high heat resistance and high dimensional stability. 
With the new compound – XILOY™ 3D – Polyscope offers a solution for one of the biggest problems experienced by the professional user of ABS filaments: warpage. 

ABS Fusion+ also tackles well known issues like difficult processability and adhesion to water soluble support and allows for hassle-free printing of technical, functional parts in a consistent and reproducible way. ABS Fusion+ is available at Innofil3D’s sales partners in the diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm in the colours Natural, Grey and Black.

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