XIRAN® copolymers offer improved thermal properties for a wide range of engineering plastics such as PMMA, ABS and PS; this opens a gate way for packaging industry where higher temperature profiles are needed. This includes customized Vicat adjustment of polystyrene enabling microwavable packaging, increased temperature resistance of PMMA materials without losing its transparency. 

Additionally we offer XIRAN® compounds which are optimized for sheet extrusion, these products are miscible with styrenic materials and improve thermal stability and adhesion properties of sheet materials which are the excellent solution for packaging materials.

Industrial Advantages

  • Easily processed, bringing high output and low scrap.
  • Improved stiffness, allowing thinner, lighter trays.
  • High-heat multi-layer packaging.
  • Odorless processing.

Business Advantages

  • Transparency is possible, allowing for attractive food presentation.
  • Also excellent color ability due to opaqueness of the master batch.
  • Increased heat performance – no structural weakness during cooking.
  • Very cost efficient.

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