Coatings & inks

Coatings & inks

Let’s change the face of coatings

Imagine a pigment dispersant that delivers unmatched compatibility in your formulations – enabling you to replace and reduce expensive and unsustainable ingredients without compromising on color performance. Now imagine if that same dispersant could bring all kinds of added benefits to your coating – from wet scrub resistance to stain resistance to corrosion resistance?

XIRAN™: the ultimate matchmaker.

We’re Polyscope, and the good news is: you no longer need to imagine. As the original developers of the SMA (styrene maleic anhydride) technology used in most coatings today, we help customers achieve all these benefits and more with our XIRAN® family of copolymer dispersants. We believe that formulators have been kept in the dark for too long about the additives they use. There’s a SMArter way. So, allow us to enlighten you…

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