Polyscope Polymers accelerates its sustainability journey with new electric transport solution

Polyscope Polymers accelerates its sustainability journey with new electric transport solution

GELEEN, the Netherlands – Polyscope Polymers B.V. is stepping up its efforts to decarbonize its operations with the introduction of an electric truck to its delivery routes. On November 8, 2021, the zero-emission truck, owned by Meulenberg Transport and charged with solar energy, took to the roads for the first time with a cargo of Polyscope’s market-leading polymers.

Polyscope is fully committed to the energy transition and to contributing to a sustainable future for the planet. As a key enabler for its business, sustainability is the driving force behind a number of strategies in Polyscope’s focus areas of coatings, electronics, automotive and more, including the shift from solvent- to water-based coatings and the in-house recycling of all monomers. Polyscope has a proven track record of collaborating with value chain partners in its efforts, such as through its ‘circular automotive’ (CLAUT) program, designed to boost sustainability in automotive manufacturing.

In line with these ambitions, Polyscope is zeroing in on specific actions to reduce the environmental impact of its logistics operations, most recently with the introduction of an electric vehicle to its delivery routes. Since November 8, the new electric truck has operated a defined shuttle route, taking products from the Polyscope production plant at Chemelot to a local warehouse. The truck was provided by strategic business partner Meulenberg Transport, and is able to deliver 22 tons at a time, all powered by electricity.

Patrick Muezers, CEO, Polyscope Polymers: “Polyscope is committed to developing sustainability-focused partnerships in our value chain, and this is a prime example of creating change through collaboration. With fresh thinking, responsible business relationships, and early adoption of green technologies like electric mobility, we will continue to accelerate our company toward a sustainable future. This is an important step toward realizing the energy transition, and, although we know there is more work to do, we are determined to build on this momentum.”

Wil Meulenberg, CEO, Meulenberg Transport: “Polyscope was a natural choice for this partnership because of the strong sustainability ethos and entrepreneurial mindset that we share. As an established logistics partner, we knew Polyscope would embrace the opportunity to test out an electric vehicle. Zero-emission mobility has long been talked about as a sustainable solution for private drivers, but electric power has huge potential for decarbonizing industrial transport too. We look forward to growing our partnership with Polyscope and reducing our industry’s environmental impact, in line with our Green Forward approach.”

Erik Groothedde, Customer Service & Logistics Manager, Polyscope Polymers: “We were delighted to have the opportunity to add an electric truck to our delivery routes and thereby reduce our carbon emissions from transport. We plan to keep capitalizing on the latest technologies and to find integrated solutions with partners like Meulenberg. There is only so much we can do by ourselves – but together, we can accelerate our actions and create meaningful change.”

On the picture: left Erik Groothedde, Customer Service & Logistics Manager at Polyscope Polymers and right Wil Meulenberg, CEO at Meulenberg Transport

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