Polyscope Polymers

Polyscope Polymers

Polyscope is the global leader in research, product development, production and supply of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers, compounds, aqueous solutions and styrene, maleic anhydride and N-phenylmaleimide (SMANPMI) terpolymers.

Polyscope offers a full spectrum of SMA and SMANPMI copolymers and compounds for engineering plastic and specialty chemical applications under the trade names XIRAN® and XIBOND™. The XIRAN® resins and XIBOND™ blend optimizers have a very broad molar mass range and a broad maleic anhydride variation. For engineering plastics the SMA/ABS based compounds have varying impact modification levels and glass fiber content. For specialty chemical applications Polyscope offers low molecular weight XIRAN® base resins and solutions that are chemically modified to meet customer needs.


Create a sustainable and environmentally sound growing company through safety, trust and empowerment via an entrepreneurial culture and establish international recognition as a downstream styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) specialty and compound supplier.


We as Polyscope focus our actions on the areas where we can make a meaningful difference. We give our employees the freedom to explore and develop the full potential of SMA and themselves, building knowledge and strong customer relations by helping customers and business partners where all others stop. All this is contributing to our vision of building strong sustainable partnerships and being a solution provider offering our SMA products and derivatives.

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Global presence and supply

A global customer base is supported from corporate headquarters and production in Geleen, The Netherlands, and with local compounding and contract manufacturing facilities, as well as sales & marketing support in Europe, North America, and Asia.