Polyscope’s lightweight circular sunroof system program

Polyscope’s lightweight circular sunroof system program

Polyscope launched the circular sunroof system program to try and build a more circular economy in which companies along the value chain partner up and are actively involved in the development of the next generation sunroof frame using lightweight composites and the potential of recycling. Partnering up  creates valuable insights and knowhow are gained along the value chain which speeds up development processes leading to innovative, competitive solutions and creating market opportunities for all partners. This project was made possible in part by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of OPZuid.

What did we achieve?

During this program partners like Eurocarbon, SGL carbon, Claut, Kupron, Code Product Solutions and Inteva were involved in order to optimize the design, function integration and stiffness for the Peugeot 2008 (P24) sunroof frame. By replacing heavy steel inserts by low weight carbon composites a weight reduction of max. 26% is achieved. At the same time by eliminating processing steps like forming, anodizing and screwing of the metal parts, a cost reduction of max 27% could be achieved as the carbon composites can be integrated into the frame in a 1 step injection molding process.


After achieving these successful results the partners identified various other topics to continue their investigations within the program like testing and verifying the long term properties of Polyscope’s SMA materials to the selected composties to ensure safe use of the created solutions and the development of “upcycled” materials using recycled carbon fiber and SMA. It was also investigated if this technology could be used in car battery housings which require a high stiffness and impact resistance in combination with flame retardancy.

The success of this program is reflected through FAST Automotive which is a new spin-off company consisting of the partners Polyscope, Kupron and Code Product Solutions. Fast Automotive enables these companies to work together in a close manner and reduce development time of new projects.

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