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Polyscope has the broadest portfolio of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers, also known as poly(styrene co maleic anhydride), compounds and aqueous solutions. In addition to this, Polyscope supplies styrene maleic anhydride and N-phenylmaleimide (SMANPMI) terpolymers.

XIRAN® resins

XIRAN® resins have Mw from 5,000-250,000 g/mol with a varying maleic anhydride content from 8 to 42%.

XIRAN® compounds

XIRAN® compounds are modified SMA copolymers and can be glass filled, modified or optimized for sheet extrusion.

XIRAN® solutions

XIRAN® solutions have low viscosity with low residual volatiles.

XIBOND™ blend optimizers

XIBOND™ blend optimizers are additives which offer solutions in optimal blend morphology.

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